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Who We Are

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Founder & Managing Director

I specialise in business development, people management and digital transformation. I have almost 25 years’ experience working with top luxury brands, such as Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci, Burberry, Ermenegildo Zegna and Marc Jacobs. 

By forming talented and dynamic teams with shared values, I have helped several multicultural organisations across Europe and Asia transform their business to be more sustainable and profitable. 

As an innovations enthusiast, I embrace digital technology's power and guide organisations in transitioning to the online world. As a result, my clients see a surge in efficiency and productivity, with adaptable work processes that drive expansion. 

I was born in Italy, and have since lived in the UK, Spain, France, Indonesia and Singapore. I am currently living between Hong Kong and London. 


From Product Specialists to Digital Developers, from sales to finance, and everybody else!

We believe in work flexibility and time efficiency: our team is an extensive group of freelancers and consultants with an individual average of 15 years working experience in FMCG, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, sportswear, events, public relations, finance, web developing, marketing, creative design, interiors, legal, recruitment, human resources. But, if needed, we can find more.

Every project is personalised in approach, operations, strategy and deliverables.

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